Knowledge, skill, technology, art… The production of quality drinks can be any of these things.

And why not everyone? Seewines Spirit is pleased to present Arkana – pure muscat brandy for connoisseurs, created from unforgettable native knowledge applied in conjunction with new technologies.

Distilled from muscat otonel, grown in its own vineyards, without pesticides and herbicides, in the clean area of the village of Lesichovo and harvested entirely by hand, Arkana is inspired by the secrets of nature, their knowledge and use in the distillation process.

Partially aged in Bulgarian oak barrels, this nutmeg brandy has a characteristic, recognizable taste, which hints at the typical notes of rose, but quickly turns into surprisingly smoky shades of sandalwood and cardamom, which softly fade into bergamot, dried apricot and a wooded forest.

That is why Arkana is especially suitable for getting out of the traditional combinations of brandy and salad. What’s more, it can even become an unexpected base for memorable cocktails, as well as bold combinations with not-so-obvious foods. Arkana brandy is an attempt to get out of the traditional clichés that we associate with the familiar drink.

With its modern yet artisan approach, it is the result of dedication to the sacrament of distillation – a sacrament that we keep alive and that can now be tried here and now. The name itself (from Old Bulgarian – secret, magic) carries the idea of the drink and symbolizes the eternal pursuit of the unknown, in search of answers to the mysteries of nature. The unique taste of Arkana lies in the magical formula of the gifts of the four natural elements (earth, water, fire and air).

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