Denislav Balevski

Eng. Denislav Balevski is the production director of Seewines Spirit with many years of experience in various high-tech industries, especially in the production of bioethanol and ethanol for the food industry.

He obtained his qualification as a Master Engineer at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, and has gained practical experience over the past 18 years, passing through various management positions in established Bulgarian and international companies.

The spirits industry attracted him with its long-standing traditions, susceptibility to innovation and opportunities for development. Inspired by the challenge of creating and producing new high-quality products, Denis skilfully manages his team and closely monitors the efficiency and achievement of consistently high quality in production processes.

Two interesting facts strongly define Denis’ personality:
– he has gained experience as a bartender, which helps him a lot in tastings
– his passion for music in his youth met him with many musicians, broadened his musical worldview and even made him part of a vocal-instrumental group.

Dilyana Vasileva

Viticulture and winemaking have always been part of her family, and her ancestors are among the investors in the Sungurlarski Misket Cooperative. The first steps towards wine and rakia date back to her childhood – her grandfather “introduced” her to the vineyard in Sungurlare, and her father is a recognized master rakia-maker. From them she learns that one of the most important prerequisites for a good final product is the quality of the raw material, the grapes, the fruits. “We had a vineyard for wine and a vineyard for rakia, and there was no way the two could mix.” Nowadays she applies these practical skills in the vineyards in Lesichovo, which are grown specifically for the production of rakia. She believes in working with, not against nature, so the approach to the vineyards and in the distillery is according to the principles of organic production.
“In our country Rakia is an institution, but unfortunately there is a lot of speculation about what is a good rakia and how to make it. I want to show the true face of rakia – pure and without any additives at any stage of its production – from the grapes to the distillates.”

Mariana Galabova

She is a wonderful organoleptic and is well versed in the sensory characteristics of the products she produces. She knows that the production of brandy and rakia, just like wine, begins in the vineyard, so you will find her in the vineyards and in the distillery, strictly monitoring the quality of grapes and grape juice.
Born and raised in Plovdiv, she graduated from the University of Food Technologies as a Master Oenologist, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in the field of Alcoholic Beverages at the same university. Her conviction that wine and brandy start in the vineyard motivates her to complete a second Master’s degree – this time at the Agricultural University in Plovdiv – an agronomist with major Plant Protection.
Mariana is one of the latest generation of winemakers, a true MAG (as her initials are), whom expects every harvest with excitement and inspiration. She likes to experiment with products and is keen to follow her dreams wherever they may take her.
By heart Mariana is a rocker and her free time is dedicated to her other passion – riding her motorbike and going to rock concerts.

Rusen Nedev

Rusen Nedev is the agronomist in the team of Seewines Spirit. In addition to being responsible for the company’s vineyards in Lesichovo, he also holds a managerial position at the Agricultural University – Plovdiv.
At Seewines Spirit he feels not only free to make decisions and take responsibility, but also valued both as a person and as a professional. He is attracted by the company’s viticultural approach – with care for nature and future. The gentle technics with minimal intervention and without any use of herbicides and pesticides in the vineyards inspires him to experiment with different, alternative viticultural practices for pest and weed control.
In his free time he also likes to provoke himself and this is how he came across to a rafting experience, despite the fact that he cannot swim.

Ivan and Delo

Ivan and Delo are the assistant-winemakers – or in other words the people through whose hands every part of the production process passes, be it machine or manual. Their ability to optimize production activities often helps us in tense times. Born and raised in Lesichovo, both have accumulated experience in printing, the knowledge of which they apply in the choice of design and materials for our own brands, as well as in the labelling process of the products we produce. Delo is an avid motorcyclist and in good weather he does not fail to walk his bike through the surrounding hills.

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